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Looking for a Web Design Company?

You have just found the right people, we make things in the digital world look good. We work with clients in Scotland and across the UK.



We are belt and braces, no nonsense web designers that can take on any task with a rare commitment to our clients; not, to ever changing media platforms. If you need design material that you can work with and take forward; we're the only ones that will encourage you to do just that.


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I found John at Webcompany to be very helpful in regards to explaining how best to promote our hotel through the internet. He not only designed our website and had it up and running in record time, (working on a very vague outline from ourselves), but also advised and taught us how best to get the site noticed once it was online. I am delighted with the results, and happy to have chosen Webcompany.adawd


See what Smithton Project contained...
Pam Smithton Hotel



Our Web Design Services

We could list mission statements; intended goals through partnerships with obscure IT company's; instead, we will summarise what our service entails:-


Meeting all client's needs with work that is "fit for function" and competitive enough to lift our clients above the ordinary and in to the memorable.



We would not have repeat business from clients if; the work we produced did not perform well. It's all about earning a living: we do it by being good at what we do: leaving the "Jack of all Trades" to cater for others ( sometimes, we even have to clean up their mess (you know who you are!)


- E-mail john@webcompany.co.uk


Other Designers please take note...

Please: could all of you stop phoning us up to get a quote (just to find our prices). You cannot better our rates; we are, for our experience, qualifications, and added value the best return for any budget in the highlands. If you try to better our rates you will be paying your clients to come to you: so STOP IT. It's getting boring...





- E-mail john@webcompany.co.uk